:Network installation

Setting up a network is one of the tasks that will be required by all the people involved in the collection as a business grows. Network is a very broad concept that at the same time leads to a simple concept and it is nothing but “communication”. In the field of information technology, one of the most specialized and costly tasks for companies is the discussion of network setup and installation services, which we intend to explain in more detail

Having a network does not only mean connecting to your internet, but much more and more broadly than this has to be planned and implemented. For example, suppose that for your company, you need to make a series of information comprehensively available to different people within the company. It is not logical to use old solutions such as flash, etc. On the other hand, due to both security and speed issues, it is not logical if you want to send your information via the Internet

One of the applications of the network is specified here, for example, which means that in such cases you will be able to share files through the internal network of your collection and all people who have the necessary access will have access to these files. This is one of the most basic things you can do to set up a network

Network setup has become more complex today because the advancement of technology in the field of information technology and network services has led to the coverage of today’s capacity requirements in local area networks, local area networks are one of the oldest and first types of networks. They are computers. Since according to the characteristics of business systems, local area networks often have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the business system, network installation and technologies, new technologies and network services cover most of these needs. have given

Network setup cost

The tools needed to set up a network are very diverse and will vary depending on the scope of your work. Your network may even be implemented by an Ethernet cable (in its simplest form) which costs you very little, or your desktop may require multiple servers, multiple network cards, and multiple access points. So with these explanations, the installation price for you can be very diverse depending on your needs

Why is the network useful for the collection

  • Speed up performance
  • Increase the security of systems and files
  • Sharing resources
  • Reduce start-up, maintenance costs
  • Scalability

Network setup is generally divided into passive and active parts. In the passive section, the hardware and network infrastructure will be configured for you, which includes tasks such as cabling, setting up a monitoring room, emergency power system, security systems, and so on. In the active section, software and services are done for you, such as setting up servers, setting up routers, switches, etc

With the help of such new technologies in today’s local network services and in order to cover the needs of today’s business systems, local networks must have special characteristics in terms of their structure and architecture
The most important of these features for network installation and network services are the appropriate capacity in different layers of local networks, redundancy and fault tolerance at different levels, minimizing the recovery time in the event of disruptions, proper scalability, security below Construction of local network communication, covering the needs of traffic behavior in order to benefit from value-added services, and so on
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