Introduction and History:

The development of communication and information technology and the computer and Internet revolution in recent years, extensive and rapid changes in various aspects of the life of societies, including cultural, social, economic and…. Has created.

On the one hand, this technology is considered as the most important tool, method and capital for empowering societies in the new century to make fundamental changes in life, education, employment, governance and management of societies, enterprises and industries, and on the other hand, an exceptional opportunity for Compensating for the backwardness of the industrial age for developing countries has become a major leap forward in the post-industrial era.

In a brief look at all development programs of different countries, attention to the central role of ICT is widely seen, and especially since the beginning of the new century AD, all international institutions have paid special attention to this role in organizing their programs. 

In this regard, and considering the determining factor of information and communication technology in achieving the goals of the 20-year vision of the country, Amoon Communication Development Company with private sector investment to provide various information and communication services, relying on several years of domestic and international experiences.

The senior managers have started a comprehensive activity, which summarizes their experiences as follows:


More than 15 years of continuous activity in the field of IT and ICT:

1- Providing consulting services in the field of network and communication platforms, network management and security.

2- Design, implementation, operation and support of local area networks (LAN), inter-networking (Inter-Networking), wide area networks (WAN) and wireless (Wireless).

3- Providing VoIP and Video Conference solutions.

4- Supervising the proper implementation of network projects using international standard methodologies.

6- Providing equipment and network parts with wired and wireless, including Passive & Active from the products of companies:

– Cisco System

– Huawei

– 3Com

– Nexans

– Legrand

– HP

7- Consulting, designing, implementing and optimizing VoIP solutions

8- Supply of Surveillance technology for simultaneous video surveillance and control.

9- Consulting, design and implementation of uninterruptible power systems (UPS)