Amoon Communication Development Company has several years of experience in the field of correct installation and standardization of passive network equipment network links and with a very good and strong resume, is ready to serve the general public, private and government institutions. Deciding whether to do cabling in a set or wireless network requires consideration, but in general the combination of these two types of networks creates a good platform for users.

Amoon Services:

Each computer network should be designed and implemented according to the conditions and policies of each organization. These computer networks provide the necessary infrastructure for the use of physical and logical resources in an organization. If the above construction is not designed properly, it will face different problems when using the network and a lot of money will have to be spent in order to maintain the network and adapt it to the desired requirements. Providing all passive network services, including: designing network types Documentation using simulation software, tracking installation, duct installation, cabling, rack installation, patch panel installation, cable formation, rack arrangement, patch cord, fusion, fiber optic test, keystone installation, label, Ducting, rack arrangement and… actually form the backbone of a network for communication. Therefore, having a high-speed network requires a quality cable system (passive). Structured cabling is not only subject to the provision of quality goods, but the correct implementation of all existing standards in this regard provides a reliable cable network infrastructure. It will be with the highest amount of bandwidth in order to provide the current platform with the possibility of upgrading the existing platform to future technologies easily and with minimal costs.

The 7 key reasons that differentiate Amoon Technical Team from other competitors in the field of passive services are:

Free visits and consultations

Use the best network equipment in projects

Quality assurance of passive projects

Execution of projects at the most reasonable cost

Provide the best solution for the present and future needs of the network

Delivery of all documents at the end of the project such as list of patch panels, cabling map, location of nodes and their numbering, test results and… to make possible changes in the future

The experience of the executive team that, while providing high accuracy in providing the best quality, minimizes project execution time.

Accordingly, Amoon Company, with strong support for the satisfaction of its customers and relying on the knowledge of its experts, provides data center and cabling (passive) services in the following sections.

Complete design of the project, including the trunk map and cabling of the floors, the location of the nodes

Cabling includes: power cable, telephone cable, Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 network cables with EIA / TIA 568.B and ISO / IEC 11801 standards

Installing trunks and ducts with the necessary elegance, precision and standards

Execution of server room and data center including: floor and ceiling, ventilation system, fire extinguishing and…

Types of fiber optic cabling, fusion implementation, fiber patch panel installation and…

Execution of earthing system (ground connection) for control towers and data center