Complementary services are also designed for the specialized needs of Amoon customers. In this section, some customers come to us to receive special services such as: network management or support of their network administrator. While others see us as a flexible resource by their side. Collaborating with the network manager and providing ancillary services and consulting to complete the resident network manager’s activities can be a good option. Customers can choose from our list of services to provide an effective change in the structure of their network. Here, our recommendations will help the management team to have more information to improve their work process. The key for complementary service customers is for them to decide what services and when they need them. Some of the services in this section are as follows:

Carry out regular and principled visits to reduce possible problems

Documenting and creating IDs for network equipment and computers

Supply and repair of computer parts, network equipment, peripherals such as printers, scanners, monitors and. . .

Development of inactive and active part of the network

Install valid antiviruses and keep them updated

Backup servers and users’ computers

Review and repair installed services

Constant updates and protection of operating systems

Install new software and upgrade software to newer versions

Implement security policies based on the use of the Internet

Software or hardware device

Install information monitoring services such as raid

Continuous inspection and troubleshooting of the physical network platform

Installing software to control user activities in the network (Monitoring)

Operating system and software speed optimization

Control network traffic using relevant software

Advice on equipment and the use of new services