Amoon Projects

Amoon Communication Development Company always uses the two key principles of the specific methodology of each project in all completed and ongoing projects, as well as the optimal selection of technology tailored to the needs of each project in order to optimize the design and avoid wasting financial resources.


Information systems development is a long and complex process in which various elements are involved from beginning to end. System creation and development projects make extensive use of financial, technical and human resources and during implementation, various methods, techniques and tools are used by their implements. Obviously, the successful planning, management and leadership of such projects would be very difficult if not impossible without following a clear and codified methodology.

For this purpose, “Amoon Communication Development Company” uses standard methodologies according to the nature and needs of projects to plan, control and direct its projects and in order to ensure customer satisfaction and achieve quality goals of products.


Provides information and communication technology services in three areas of consulting, implementation and supervision, and in each of these three areas, uses related modern technologies.

In general, the technologies and services provided in these three areas can be listed in the following order:

  1. Design & Implementation of LAN, WAN & Wireless Projects
  2. Structured Cabling Solutions
  3. VOIP & Video Conferencing Solutions
  4. Network Management Solutions
  5. Network Security Architecture & Design
  6. Surveillance & Security Systems
  7. RFID