Southern Aluminum Project (SALCO):

The largest aluminum project in IRAN(and Middle East):    


Project location: Lamerd Energy Industries Free Zone site, located in the north of Lamerd city
Total project area: 200 hectares
Total project value: $ 1.2 billion

Amoon Communication Development Company had the honor to participate in another national project of our beloved country Iran as one of dozens of selected contractors.

During this project, Amoon Communication Development Company, as a designer of communication infrastructure and communication network, undertook the entire set including data, VOIP and CCTV. In addition to doing this sensitive and serious matter, the company was responsible for providing and importing all active equipment, including switches. Servers, fiber optic modules, VOIP infrastructure implementation equipment, including gateways and telephones and surveillance and security systems, and finally the installation, configuration and support of this equipment.