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Customer DetailsProvided ServicesProject Description
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Tehran’s HQ

Supply of network equipment The implementation of the LAN projectSupply of Passive and Active equipment, consulting, installation and commissioning of the LAN network of voice and television network unit 4 to more than 190 nodes and 10,000 meters of cable
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting – Markazi Province
Supply of network equipmentProviding passive and active equipment, approximately 120 ninety and 7000 meters cable
Sarmayeh BankSupply of network equipmentSupply and delivery of Cisco equipment, Passive equipment and after-sales services
Oil and Gas exploitation company – Gachsaran city
Supply of network equipment and Implementing LAN and Fiber Optical projectProviding Passive and Active equipment, consulting and installation of LAN and InterNetwork networks in fiber optics with over 150 ninety, 7500m Cat6 cable and 4100m optical fiber
Tehran Oil Supply and Support CompanySupply of network equipmentProvision and delivery of Cisco equipment and after-sales services
Tebyan Cultural and Information InstituteSupply of network equipment and UPS Sales of Cisco, Extreme, Fiber Optic and UPS Equipments, as well as the installation and configuration of the supplied equipment.
Azad University – Dezful Branch
Fiber Optic Consulting and DesignProvide a solution for running an extensive network between all buildings and college campuses
Islamic Azad University – Center UnitSupply of network equipmentSales of Cisco and Fiber Optic Equipment and after-sales services
Bonab Atomic Energy OrganizationSupply of network equipment and serverSelling network and server equipment along with consulting and installation of the supplied equipment and after sales services
Department of justiceSupply of wan network equipmentProviding Active Network Equipment
National Steel Company of IranConsult, sell and install WAN networkAdvice on the feasibility and commissioning of MPLS lines and provincial VPNs along with consulting and installation of the required equipment.
Sina InsuranceSupply of network equipment and installing the LAN projectSelling equipment, consulting and installation of LAN project
Kermanshah Province Tax Affairs OrganizationSupply of network equipmentCisco network equipment supply
Masjed Soleiman Petroleum HospitaSupply of network equipmentNexans passive network equipment
Beh Tam CoActive equipment sales, VOIP consulting and designSell Core Switch network, consulting and designing VOIP system
Ehdas Sanaat Co

Sale of equipment and installation of IP Telephony serviceSell equipment and install IP-Telephony service between offices
MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & ManufacturingCCTV salesNetwork Surveillance
Neyr PerseSale of active VoIP network equipmentSales and Support of network equipment and VOIP based on CISCO technology
Alborz Insurance CompanySupply of network equipment and server Install and configuration of Huawie Equipment and HP Server