Security and surveillance systems

Today, closed circuit TV systems are widely used in industrial and administrative centers to monitor the physical environment and monitor the work of employees or workers in order to better and more efficiently control and manage. These systems are also called video control systems. In places such as banks, offices, universities, factories, department stores, and in city traffic control, these systems can be installed and used. The use of these systems in residential homes is not very common, but with the introduction of video systems that are able to detect movement and alarm in the area under the supervision of the system or stimulated by special sensors and start recording video from the place, it is expected that The use of these systems in residential homes should also be expanded. There is also equipment and facilities for recording or changing the way it is displayed on the monitor and simultaneously playing the images of the cameras on the monitor and the remote control of the cameras. Due to the settings that can be done on cameras and other equipment, these systems have good performance in different weather conditions and day and night

To control the entry and exit of people to a place and to control large areas by several cameras and simultaneously display their image and audio-visual monitoring from very long distances through the telephone network without the need for physical presence of controllers in the place and in devices that control These systems can not be used visually by humans or are dangerous. These systems can also be used. The use of CCTV systems is growing day by day and due to the technology of manufacturing its equipment which is based on the electronics and computer industry, the manufacturing and production of equipment of these systems is constantly evolving and progressing

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